Welcome to Better Healthcare.

VirtualCare LLC was founded in 2016 with a mission to provide better, more affordable healthcare in Alabama.  We know the tools are available to provide a premium clinical experience at a reasonable cost, and we are here to deliver that quality care to our patients in the comfort of their own  homes.

We are able to provide a premium continuity of care while covering an array of healthcare needs: urgent care, primary care, chronic condition care, and more. We have wrapped it up in a secure, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based software platform to provide a delightful experience to customers throughout the nation.

For a low monthly membership fee, we are able to give you quality, better healthcare.


No Copays. No Bills. No Wait.



Your membership includes visits in-clinic and online, whether it be a wellness checkup or an urgent visit for the flu. No need to think, “I’m sick, but am I $40 sick?” By giving yourself the medical attention you need, you prevent small problems from becoming big problems.


Don’t you love when you go to the doctor, get a strep test run, and then get the bill for it 3 weeks later? Yeah, neither do we. We are tired of having to estimate the cost of a doctor’s visit. You shouldn’t have to consider cost before getting the healthcare you deserve. With a VirtualCare subscription, your healthcare cost for primary and urgent care is 100% predictable. If there is something not covered by your subscription (which would be few and far between), we only charge you a direct cost (no middleman = way cheaper). And we tell you that cost before you decide whether or not you consent.


At VirtualCare, we believe everyone deserves to be healthy from the convenience of their own home or office.  With the advent of IoT and mobile devices, things like bluetooth disposable stethoscopes, glucose meters, and bio-patches are more accessible to our patients, and our fire-and-forget model of health tracking lets them live their lives as our providers track and guide them as needed. With on demand healthcare


Save your insurance for catastrophe coverage, such as unexpected emergency care, specialty care, and surgery. Since you don’t need to use your insurance for standard, routine care (urgent care and primary care visits), you can choose a plan with lower premiums. Even though your membership costs money, by saving even more money on your monthly premiums, you will actually see your bank account get healthier, too.